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Data Validation Toolkit

The Data Validation Toolkit is a Validating Web Feature Server (VWFS) for openGIS spatial data infrastructures. This page contains JavaDocs, research reports and design documents that were developed to produce the VWFS.

Implementation Reports


DataStore Tutorials

GeoTools Tutorials

Research Reports

Design Documents

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The User Guides provide a series of walkthroughs using your new GeoServer installation.

For additional support, an active user community is available by joining the GeoServer mailing list. We also strongly encourage you to submit bugs and improvements you would like to see to our tracker. Should you require help, hover over the area of interest and a messge will appear.


We would like to acknowledge the financial contributions of GeoConnections towards this project.


Milestone Reports

Download Now!

Download the GeoServer Web Feature Server from the official site with built in validation support, and web based configuration interface.

GeoServer is a J2EE application, so the software is distributed as a Web Application aRchive, or WAR file.

Quickstart Instructions

The GeoServer 1.2.0 Beta WFS server ships with a minimal configuration of two shapefiles and a couple of validation tests.

The steps are:

  1. Install JDK1.4. On Unix, set the JAVA_HOME variable. On Windows, check to make sure the JDK installation set JAVA_HOME correctly.

  2. Install a Servlet Container. We recommend Resin (open source, free to non-commercial users) or Tomcat (open source, free).

  3. Copy the geoserver.war into your Servlet Container's webapps directory. If you are updating an existing installation remember to back up your geoserver/conf directory.

  4. You may run a simple test by starting your servlet container and entering this address (localhost and the port refer to your Servlet Container):


    If GeoServer is running, you should see an XML capabilities document. If you get nothing, then you should consult your server documentation to see what has gone wrong.

  5. To configure GeoServer enter the following address:


    Your Servlet Container will compile all the JSP pages, this process should take a minuet or two. This is a one time only delay.

    To interact with the configuration system you will need to login with the user name 'admin' and the password 'geoserver'.

Congratulations, you now have a working GeoServer installation!